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About us


Sahabat Sukses Borneo is a company engaged in the production of kratom powder. Sahabat Sukses Borneo has been operating since 2019 and has exported hundreds of tons to foreign countries, especially the United States. We produce kratom powder which is harvested directly by farmers from Putusibau. All production processes with advanced machines and UV. In addition, the packaging is also carried out in our own warehouse located in Pontianak, assisted by an experienced team.

Do you know about Kratom ?

Kratom is a tropical plant that grows a lot in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Since ancient times, this plant has long been used as traditional medicine. The many benefits of kratom for the body such as increasing stamina, relieving pain, relieving anxiety and depression. Sahabat Sukses Borneo pay full attention to the production of kratom powder because it is processed and distributed by themselves. Here are our 3 best products :


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